Censored Episodes: Season One

Season One Trailer

S1 E1 What a Wanker: Behan ‘Borstal Boy’ (1958)

S1 E2 Single Girls, Shagging: Jaffe ‘The Best of Everything’ (1958)

S1 E3 One Little Orgy: Kerouac, ‘The Dharma Bums’ (1959)

S1 E4 The First Bonkbuster: Winsor, ‘Forever Amber’ (1944)

S1 E5 Sex and Soldiers: Heller, ‘Catch-22’ (1961)

S1 E6 Sex in Suburbia: Yates, ‘Revolutionary Road’ (1961)

S1 E7 Convent Sex Crimes: ‘The Awful Disclosures of Maria Monk’ (1836)

S1 E8 Boobs and Babes: Hitt, ‘Pleasure Ground’ (1961)

S1 E9 Amoral Sex: Huxley, ‘Point Counter Point’ (1928)

S1 E10 Freaky Foreigners: Murdoch, ‘The Flights from the Enchanter’ (1956)