Season One: Book List

Brendan Behan ‘Borstal Boy’ (1957)

Rona Jaffe ‘Best of Everything’ (1955)

Jack Kerouac ‘The Dharma Bums’ (1958)

Kathleen Winsor, ‘Forever Amber’ (1944)

Joseph Heller, ‘Catch 22’ (1961)

Richard Yates, ‘Revolutionary Road’ (1961)

Anon, ‘The awful disclosures of Maria Monk’ (1836)

Orrie Hitt, ‘Pleasure Ground’ (1961)

Aldous Huxley, ‘Point, Counter Point’ (1928)

Iris Murdoch, ‘The Flight from the Enchanter’ (1956)

If you’re a history nerd (like me) you can read more on censorship in Ireland in this article – free to read online once you register with Jstor.