Censored Episodes: Season Three

Low and vulgar: Cross, ‘The Tailor and Ansty’ (1942)

Voluptous jazzing: McKay, ‘Home to Harlem’ (1929)

Such badness: Hoult, ‘There were no windows’ (1944)

Perverty stuff: Salinger, ‘The Catcher in the Rye’ (1951)

Unzipped! Collins, ‘The Stud’ (1969)

War is Hell: Boell, ‘And where were you, Adam?’ (1951)

Queer, with cocktails: Moore, ‘Chocolates for Breakfast’ (1956)

Satanic Love Triangle: Mannin, ‘Lucifer and the Child’ (1946)

Compulsive wanking: Roth, ‘Portnoy’s Complaint’ (1969)

Mass perversion: Comfort, ‘The Joy of Sex’ (1972)

BONUS Thick thighs: O’Brien, ‘At Swim Two Birds’ (1939)

BONUS Republican Love Triangle: Broderick, ‘The Fugitives’ (1962)