Censored Episodes: Season Two

Season Two Trailer

E1 A Lot of Ridin’: Keane, ‘Two Days in Aragon’ (1942)

E2 Thrusting Ecstasy: Nin, ‘A spy in the house of love’ (1954)

E3 Pure filth: Donleavy, ‘The Ginger Man’ (1955)

E4 Evil Contraception: Stopes, ‘Married Love’ (1918)

E5 Lesbionic Lit: Highsmith, ‘Carol’ (1952)

E6 Love, not Sex: Wallace, ‘The Chapman Report’ (1961)

E7 Bestial Behaviour: Endore, ‘The Werewolf of Paris’ (1933)

E8 Queer Ireland: Broderick, ‘The Pilgrimage’ (1961)

E9 Rapey Noir: Keene, ‘Sleep with the Devil’ (1954)

E10 Filth and Faeces: Beckett, ‘More Pricks than Kicks’ (1934) and ‘First Love’ (1947)

BONUS: There’s something about Mary: Donleavy, ‘The Ginger Man’ (1954)