Season 4 Begins 7 January 2021!

Here’s the episode list which ranges from the bizarre to the historically weighty. And yes, the censors were still banning in 1992.

Madonna, Sex (1992): banned after it sold out…

Anon, The Lustful Turk (1828): proper porn with a lot of racist tropes.

Margaret Mead, Growing up in Samoa (1928): scholarly but smutty.

Denis Wheatley, To the Devil, a Daughter (1953): time for more Satanism!

Radclyffe Hall, The Well of Loneliness (1928): a queer text whose author scandalized London.

Thorne Smith, The Passionate Witch (1941): phallocentric fluffy smut.

Kate O’Brien, The Land of Spices (1941): a remarkably beautiful book offering powerful critiques of nationalism and religion in Ireland

John McGahern, Deep Dive Part One: The Dark (1965) : a book that reformed the censorship law deserves proper scrutiny.

John McGahern, Deep Dive Part Two: The Dark (1965)

The Irish language episode: still thinking about which book…

BONUS Joyce, ‘Ulysses’ (1922): banned almost everywhere *except* Ireland